FQA - Fire Questions Answered

Fire Resistance

Bedding - I have a query regarding fire retardant fabrics. Could you please let me know if bedding in Residential Care Homes is required to be fire retardant?

Curtains - We have a question regarding the regulations for fire guarding curtains in a golf club lounge.

We have in the past made curtains for our golf club lounge and they were fire treated, but this was before the smoking ban came into force.

We intend making more curtains for our Clubhouse and require guidance on whether, by law, we have to have the material fire guarded now the smoking ban is in force.

Cladding materials - Environmental friendly recycled plastic wood composite cladding panels (resin and waste wood recycled) has become widely used for wall cladding fixed to the external reinforced concrete wall as an alternative to conventional stone and tile installation. As a structural engineer, I wonder if non combustibility requirement ( BS476 Part 4) should be applicable to reject such kind of cladding, although the contractor's fire specialist claims the product has satisfied BS476: Part 6 & 7 for flame spread control.

I wonder if you could help me with any advice on the need for fire resistance to a serving hatch on a kitchen in a church premises that leads onto a community area that holds approximately 300 people. It currently has no fire resistance and is manually secured with bolts and has 4 hinged 'leafs'. There is a fire door which I think is 30 minute fire resistant and common sense tells me that the hatch should provide the same fire resistance as the door. Could you point me in the right direction for relevant info on this please.

Fire resistant glazing - I am seeking guidance on the specification requirements for one hour fire rated glass. I’m at present working on the specification for works in an existing 7 storey office building. This involves the stairwells and lift shaft. My intention is to replace doors as required that are currently ½ hour to a one hour standard using factory manufactured doors including vision panels that are certified. Within the stairwells I have existing glazed screens, Does the existing 6mm Georgian Wire Polish plate glass give one hour integrity assuming the appropriate intumescent beaded seals are used the correct size hardwood beads screwed in position. Or do I need to replace this glazing with 11mm Pyroguard or similar. Any help you can give on this issue would be very much appreciated.

Residents at a property we manage have informed me that there is some method to make furniture fire resistant by spray after a fire risk assessment was conducted and advised removal of furniture can you please advise me on this matter and if this procedure is available.

Service penetration fire stopping. Fire rated foams - I work in the heating industry; we currently are putting heating into a 1960's block of flats. The floors are solid concrete. We need to drill through the floors in a cupboard to run our 28mm copper pipes through. The question I have is..... Is fire rated expanding foam suitable for this as fire protection, or is another method required? Please advise.

What are the requirements with respect to fire safety for matresses, pillows, bed linen and bedding?

Some duct work passes though a staircase and I have been asked by the fire officer to install a fire damper where it passes though the wall. Could the duct work be boxed in instead, enclosed in fire proof material where it passes though the stairwell to the outside? The extract duct is in a chip shop (above fryers).

The existing steel door to our commercial boiler room has rusted in the open position - this was on a sliding steel track and we now need to fit a fire rated door within the brick opening with a self closing mechanism. What period of fire resistance is required to a boiler room door?