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Fire Risk Assessments

Where can I get guidance on Fire Risk Assessements for offices and shops?

Fire risk assessment responsibility - I am a joint owner of a small block of 4 apartment in a converted Victorian house - 3 floors over basement. I understand under the Fire Reform Order 2005 we are required to carry out a risk assessment of the common areas. There are no particular problems or risks that we are aware of. Could you advise if we can do this assessment ourselves and if so, what elements do we need to cover? Is there a template or a checklist for example that we could us?

Fork lift trucks - I have been requested via an EU Regulator to provide a fire risk assessment for an electric fork lift truck (3.5t, 4 wheel unit) together with an assessment of those items/components and quantities of flammable items that have potential to create impact. I have spoken with manufacturers and latterly the HSE who suggested that I contact your goodselves. Do the FPA have such information available?

Fire risk assessment review frequency - I wonder if I could call upon your services to answer a question for me as you have so kindly done in the past. I have a client who owns a block of flats with tenants. Please could you tell me under Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 what risk assessment is required and how often this should be reviewed?

Does my FRA have to have a drawing of my premises?

Do I have to use a prescribed form for my FRA?

This is not a wind up but a client has ask me to carry out fire risk assessment on a camp site with large Indian type tepee tents with up to 20 persons communal sleeping any suggestions ?

Could you shed some definitive light on the following matter with regard to fire risk assessment in the common/communal areas of purpose built flats please?

The property in question is a 3 storey 1960’s/1970’s concrete construction with solid passive fire resistance inherent in its construction except for a few front doors to each individual flats which are UPVC and not ½ hour fire doors

Should the fire risk assessment only include the common/communal areas for the property management company and therefore it is not in the remit of the fire risk assessor to recommend retrospectively installing smoke alarms in accordance with BS5839-6 to the flats or ½ hour fire resisting doors?

The government guides on FRA suggest that skips should be placed at least 6m away from a building. FPA publication on prevention of arson suggests open skips 10m away, plastic wheelie bins 10m away and metal bins with lids 6m away. Can you tell me the source of these figures - is it a British Standard?