FQA - Fire Questions Answered

Fire Warden

Does the sweeper have to be designated and trained person or can it be defined as anyone in a given area?

Am I exposing a designated Fire Sweeper to additional risk by asking him to possibly go from a place of safety to one that may have a fire in order to sweep the area to ensure others have evacuated.

Register of staff in the building - I am hoping you can provide me with some advice and information. I work for a housing association based in Northern Ireland. We are expanding and I am seeking guidance on how best to monitor which staff are in the building. In particular I am thinking of instances of a fire and needing to know who we are responsible for/need to account for.

Register of staff in the building - Can you please let me know if it is a legal requirement to have staff signing in when they arrive at our practice and signing out when they leave?

We are three companies in one building. Max of 23 people, but not all the time. My company has 12/13 people, the first floor has 2/3 and the g/f 6/7. Do we need a fire marshal from each company or do we all have to have fire marshal training? I just want to get this right, if you could help me I would be most grateful.

We currently have an attendance register which people tick in and out which assists with fire drills etc. We have designated people who carry out a ‘sweep’ of the building in the event of a fire/fire drill. We have now invested in access fobs for people to enter the building via other doors, and therefore they don’t tick in an out now. Is it still necessary to have a fire register?

We were under the impression that as we carry out a sweep system in the event of an emergency evacuation being required that perhaps a register wasn’t necessary?