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Sprinkler System

Re-use of sprinkler heads. For a floor refit, some s'>prinkler heads have to be relocated and then a few added. What are the rules about re-using existing sprinkler heads and flexible hoses .. ie : if an existing hose is not long enough to reach its new position can the head be removed and attached to a longer hose

Regarding a sprinkler product test facilities we intend to build I have a question regarding establishing K factors.

We have in the past timed discharge, collected water and established volume by weighing.

What is your opinion with regard to the use of a calibrated flow meter as an alternative?

Can you please assist me, my company are looking to install a sprinkler system into a power generation plant and have been advised that the backup power generator system will be operating at 700V 3Ph 50Hz.

Can you please advise if it is appropriate to use a motor of this voltage for the sprinkler pumps or if there is there anything in any applicable that should be taken into account in any regulations?

Would it be possible to advise the contact details of potential installation companies in the south west of England?

Could you please confirm if it is acceptable to install a Residential type sprinkler system in a pre-school centre and or a primary school or does it need to be a commercial type?

I am looking for information regarding sprinkler systems and any requirements that need to be in place for fire fighters to be able to use.

The question is ‘is there any requirements that have to be in place whereby a sprinkler system fed from a dedicated sprinkler water storage tank, needs an emergency inlet for fire fighters to connect to?’ If the scenario is that the tank is mains fed, should there be any need for the emergency services to connect to the tank?

Would a sprinkler system in a large single storey warehouse eliminate the need for automatic detection? Factory work being carried out including a wood shop, metal shop, plastics, spray booth, assembly area. Work carried out 24/7, only call points and sounders at present.