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Smoke Ventilation and Smoke Extraction

Maintenance logbooks - We have recently taken over a few contracts where we look after stand alone smoke vent system within the common parts of block of flats. The problem I am having is what actual information is required to compile a logbook? Is there standard format?

We have standard details such as type of system being vent shaft, window system, make and models of system, locations of equipment. But it is the details required of the testing regime, what is inspected and how often etc. We can operate the systems manually as most are break glass only operated systems - we have only come across one that has it own optical detector at top of the stairwell.

The other area is - what are the requirements for battery testing and maintenance, is this the same requirements as for fire alarms or is it different due to what they are supplying? Any advice and guidance would be most appreciated with this matter, as not sure which British Standard to look at such as BS 7346 Part 1:1990 & BS 5588, or BS EN 12101-2:2003